BEST Engineered Surface Technologies is focused on being the early adaptor of coating and finishing technologies by capturing innovative technologies and adapting them to resolve our customer’s specific needs in order to advance the performance characteristics of our customer’s parts and components.
Diamonex® has been developing diamond-like carbon (DLC) and polycrystalline diamond coating (CVD) technologies since 1990. In addition to coatings, Diamonex® has developed unique ion source technology designed specifically for the deposition of high-quality DLC and DLC-Iike nano composite films. Our radio frequency (RF) DLC process delivers uniform conformal coatings on complex geometries, while our ion-beam technology provides high-quality coatings more suitable for line-of-sight process geometries.


Our Application Engineers will work with your engineers to tailor and optimize robust coating processes and testing protocols to deliver coating solutions that meet your application and quality requirements. With over 46 patents generated by our R&D team, our goal is to continually enhance the quality and service we provide our customers.

Medicote offers some of the most technologically advanced coating systems found anywhere. Our state of the art, automated systems include chain on edge and overhead conveyor system designs to enable us to meet the most diversified applications with ease and in the volumes necessary for any medical device OEM. Our multi-stage pretreatment processes and washing systems are fully integrated in the line or processed through a separate department. Our surface treatment capabilities include conversion coating, sandblasting, plastic bead blasting, mass finishing, precision cleaning, chromating, anodizing, hard-coating, and PTFE coatings.


Our special expertise includes selective coatings applications, masking techniques and working with special materials. Close tolerance applications are welcomed. Secondary finishes are also available as requested including screen and pad printing, labeling, light assembly, packaging, and special certifications.

Teknicote is one of the largest contract surface finishing operations in the United States residing in a 50,000 square foot state of the art facility. Teknicotes’s facilities provide automatic, semi-automatic, and manual coating services in a vast array of finishes. From a small, deep drawn brass tube to a large, galvanneal sheet metal telecommunications cabinet, Teknicote can provide a protective, high quality, decorative or functional finish on 1 or 1 million units.  Offering flexibility, customized service and modern techniques, Teknicote approaches each job with individualized attention as we have for nearly 50 years having been established in 1972.
Windsor Metal Finishing was developed to apply liquid high performance (PVDF) fluoropolymer Kynar coatings. This coating was designed specifically for the architectural industry, with a focus on coastal areas that experience harsh environmental conditions.


Windsor is a certified applicator of high performance Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® finishes manufactured by PPG, Sherwin Williams and Valspar Corporation, and applies their products in accordance with AAMA Specification 2605, 1998, “Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels”. Thermosetting acrylics and thermally accelerated air-dry systems such as Coraflon and Megaflon (a 100% fluoropolymer resin manufactured by PPG) are also available through WMF. WMF has capabilities to blend onsite for fast turn times.


Windsor Metal Finishing has a new batch coating system installed. WMF can process and spray all Engineered Coatings through our specialty line.